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Walking Holidays in the French Alps

La Giettaz is a fantastic starting point for hundreds of kilometres of walking and hiking, through some of Europe’s most enticing mountain scenery. The trails are fully maintained and signposted, and are clearly marked on maps available from the Chalet and the Tourist Information Office in the village. We are also able to arrange tours with a fully-qualified, English-speaking guide, who has grown up in the village and therefore has superb knowledge of the local terrain, as well as its fabulous flora and fauna.

Planning your Alpine Walking Holiday

We would be delighted to help you work out a walking itinerary using any of the routes listed below. In addition, our minibus is available to drop you off in one place in the morning, and collect you in another at the end of the day (or even the next day, should you wish to spend the night in one of the many mountain refuges along the trails). Please ask for further details.  We are also delighted to welcome group bookings to the chalet.

  • Grades of Walks & Trails

Generally speaking, trails are graded into 3 categories:

GR: Grandes Randonnées, very long trails that generally start in one place and finish in another

GRP: Grandes Randonnées du Pays, long trails that are usually circuits of one particular area

PR: Promenades et Randonnées, shorter trails covering local areas

The gradings do not necessarily correspond to levels of difficulty, as some stretches of PR can be taxing while some stretches of GRP are very easy-going.

Grandes Randonnées

The closest GR to La Giettaz is the famous GR5, which actually starts in Belgium and runs all the way down to the Mediterranean Sea at Nice! The section of the trail south of Chamonix skirts the western edge of the Mont Blanc massif and heads south through the Beaufortain towards the Parc National de la Vanoise, around 45 minutes’ drive from La Giettaz at its closest point.

The slightly less well-known GR96 also passes close to La Giettaz, along its route from Samoens to Annecy.

Grandes Randonnées du Pays

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is perhaps one of the best-known GRP in France, taking in a circuit around the Mont Blanc massif. In total, the trail is 160km in length, passing through Italy and Switzerland as well as France. Its closest point to La Giettaz is around 45 minutes’ drive away.

Not to be confused with the TMB, the Tour du Pays du Mont Blanc also passes through the local area. This is a circuit of around 200km, around the western edges of Mont Blanc and remaining entirely in France throughout its length (some of which is shared with the TMB itself). The trail passes very close to La Giettaz – in fact it uses some of the local ski pistes!

The Tour du Beaufortain runs in a loop of around 180km through the area around Beaufort, to the south of La Giettaz.  This picturesque area offers fabulous views north towards Mont Blanc, and south towards the Vanoise, with several stunning Cols along the way.

Promenades et Randonnées

There are over 300km of PR trails in the immediate vicinity of La Giettaz, with hundreds more slightly further afield from the village. These trails cover varying degrees of difficulty, although it is worth remembering that some of the local ski lifts are opened on certain days, if you’re keen to avoid some of the steeper climbs!

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